UM-KECC Seminar Calendar

DatePresentation TitlePresenterAffiliations

The Debut of Big-Data

Medicine in China:

Application in Nephrology

Haibo Wang, MBBS, MSc, MPH

& Luxia Zhang, MD, MPH

Haibo Wang: Director China

Organ Transplant Response

System Research Center &

Assistant Director

China Liver Transplant Registry


Healthcare Preparedness, Surge, and Utilization

Dr. Mahshid AbirAssistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Michigan
Natural Scientist &
Affiliated Adjunct RAND Corporation
5/29/2014Improving Kidney Health:
Progress Through Learning Health Systems
Dr. Uptal PatelAssistant Prof of Medicine & Pediatrics
Duke Medical Center
Durham, NC
5/22/2014Use of Electronic Health Records for Performance
Monitoring and Patient Outcomes Improvement:
Data Quality, Data Interoperability and eMeasures
Dr. Kai ZhengAssoc. Prof of Health Mgmt & Policy
Assoc. Prof of School of Information
Adjunct Assoc. Prof of School of Nursing
University Of Michigan
5/15/2014Therapies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma:
A Secondary Analysis of the SEER-Medicare Data Set
Neehar Dilip Parikh, M.D, M.S.Clinical Lecturer
Division of Gastroenterology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor VA Medical Center
5/8/2014KECC ESRD Database, Part IIRandy WebbFormer Managing Director and Database
Manager of UM-KECC
5/1/2014KECC ESRD Database, Part IRandy WebbFormer Managing Director and Database
Manager of UM-KECC
3/6/2014UM-KECC CMS ESRD Database DataflowsGreg LevineProgramming Senior Supervisor
2/27/2014Outcomes in Patients with Non-Dialysis Dependant CKD:
Lessons Learned from a Nationally
Representatives Study of US Veterans
Dr. Csaba Pal KovesdyProfessor & Chief of Nephrology
Memphis VA Medical Center
Director of the Clinical Outcomes and
Clinical Trials Program
Univ. of Tennessee Health Sci. Center
Memphis, TN
2/13/2014Understanding the Current and Replacement
U.S. Kidney Allocation Systems:
"We have met the Enemy and He is Us"
Dr. Alan LeichtmanProfessor of Internal Medicine
Division of Nephrology
University of Michigan
2/6/2014Is it Time to Choose " Time" for
Real Quality Improvement
Dr. Rajiv SaranProfessor of Internal Medicine
Division of Nephrology
University of Michigan
1/30/2014Whodunnit? Should Patient Outcomes Be Attributed
to the Nephrologist, Facility or Chain?
Dr. Richard HirthProfessor of Biostatistics
University of Michigan
1/16/2014Statistical Challenges and Approaches for the
Dialysis Quality Measure Development
Dr. Yi LiProfessor of Biostatistics
University of Michigan
11/14/2013Current Challenges in Kidney Paired DonationDr. Itai AshlagiAssistant Prof of Operations Management
Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA
10/3/2013Understanding the Potential Cost Savings
from A Bundled Payment System for Kidney Transplantation
Dr. Chad EllimoottilResearch Fellow
Department of Urology
9/19/2013Is Epigenetic Biomarkers a Link Between Environment and Disease?Drs. Lei Liu & Lifang HouProfessor
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL
8/8/2013The Triple Aim – A Global Concept?Dr. Thanjavur RavikumarDirector of JIPMER
Puducherry, India
7/11/2013Reverse Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Risk
Entering the 2nd Decade of Paradigm Shift
Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-ZadehChief, Div. of Nephrology & Hypertension
Prof. of Medicine, Pediatrics and Public Health
Univ. of California Irvine, School of Medicine
Orange, CA
Adjunct Prof. of Epidemiology
UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
Los Angeles, CA
6/28/2013Natural History of Acute Kidney InjuryDr. Charuhas ThakarAssociate Director of Renal Fellowship Program
Associate Professor of Medicine
Div. of Nephrology and Hypertension
Univ. of Cinn., Chief VA Med. Center
Cincinnati, OH
6/20/2013Improving the Outcomes of Men with Prostate Cancer:
A Multidisciplinary and Multipronged Approach
Dr. Ganesh PalapattuAssociate Professor
Department of Urology
4/26/2013Estimating False Discovery Rates with Unknown DependeneDr. Jianqing FanChairman
Dept. of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Frederick L. Moore Prof. of Finance
Committee of Statistical Studies
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
4/18/2013Randomization and Re-randomization in Clinical TrialsDr. Jack KalbfleischProfessor Emeritus of Biostatistics
School of Public Health
Professor Emeritus of Statistics
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
University of Michigan
4/4/2013Exploring Disparties in Pharmaceutical Care:
Implications for Kidney Disease
Dr. Rajesh BalkrishnanAssociate Professor
College of Pharmacy and School of Public Health
University of Michigan
3/28/2013Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Nephrotic Syndrome:
Using a Clinical Care Database to Study a Rare Disease
Dr. Laura MarianiClinical Lecturer of Nephrology
3/21/2013Long-term Survival Following Partial Vs Radical Nephrectomy
Among Older Patients with Early Stage Kidney Cancer
Drs. David Miller & Edward NortonAssistant Professor
Department of Urology
3/7/2013Active Chronic Disease Surveillance:
Lessons from the MILES Progragm
Dr. Emily SomersAssistant Professor of Medicine, Environmental Health Services,
and OB/GYN Medical School
School of Public Health
University of Michigan
2/14/2013Interactions Between AF and CKDDr. Hamid GhanbariClinical Lecturer
Division of Cardiology
1/17/2013Kidney Function and Biomarker in
Family of Exceptional Longevity and Aged Population
Dr. Bitzer & Jennifer LaiResearch Fellow
Division of Nephrology
1/15/2013Volume Management in Hemodialysis Patients:
The BVM-Reg Study
Dr. Manfred HeckingDivision of Nephology
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
11/30/2012The Early Detection of Disease and Stochastic ModelsDr. Marvin ZelenProfessor of Statistical Science
Harvard School of Public Heath
Boston, MA
11/15/2012GXE Interactions in the presence of exposure measurementDr. Donna SpeigelmanProfessor of Biostatistics
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA
11/8/2012Computing Standardized Readmission Ratios
Based on a Large Scale Data Set for Kidney Dialysis Facilities
with or without Adjustment of Hospital Effects
Kevin HeResearch Fellow
10/26/2012Chronic Kidney Disease in India:
Where Next?
Dr. ParameshwarAssistant Professor
Division of Nephrology
10/18/2012Robust Detection and Identification of Sparse Segments
in Ultra-High Dimensional Data Analysis
Dr. LiProfessor of Biostatistics and Statistics
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
10/12/2012A National Opportunity to Improve Infection Control in ESRDErik RoysSenior Analyst
10/5/2012Estimation Under Parametric Truncation and Right CensoringDr. Cedric HeuchenneProfessor of Statistics
University of Liege
9/28/2012Improving Diabetes Care:
Lessons from TRIAD
Dr. HermanDirector
Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research
9/14/2012Model Selection & FREQAnca Tilea & Neil KamdarResearch Analysts & Programmer
8/24/2012Systems Approaches to Identify Targets
for Biomarker Discovery
Dr. PennathurAssistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Nephrology
8/10/2012Collaborative Opportunities with the
UM Health Management Research Center
Dr. Louis YenInterim Director
Health Management Research Center
University of Michigan
6/22/2012Pharmacogenomics and Clinical Practice-
Ready for Prime time?
Dr. Manju T. BeierClinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacy
University of Michigan
6/15/2012Body Weight Gain Causes ESKD
Mechanism and Prevention
Dr.Roger WigginsProfessor of Internal Medicine
Division of Cardiology
On the Path For Universal Health Coverage
Dr. Sirinath ReddyPresident of the Public Health Foundation of India
5/11/2012Aldosterone Blockade in Cardiovascular DiseaseDr. Bertram PittProfessor of Internal Medicine
Division of Cardiology